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Thierry March 31, 2022

Biblically sin can through the following doors of; Sexual Sin, The Occult (witchcraft), Fear, Rebellion, Oaths etc..

Just like a rat can find a way in a natural house so a demonic spirit can find its way into your bodily home. You have to identify the trail and where the entrance or holes in the home where this animal found their way in.  Even if you set traps in the house and you kill the current occupants, if the small door is open other evil spirits can find their way in. These are some of the common doors associated with each part of your being.


Table 2 doors[1]

Body Soul Spirit
Sexual Sins Resentment/Anger Despair/hope lessness Hatred in all forms occult experiences
Uninvited sexual relationship Trauma and its effects Pride /arrogance Criticism/ gossip witchcraft/manipulation /rebellion
Long illness/general weakness Rejection /loneliness Rebellion /vengeance Envy in all forms Satanism/freemasonry/false religion
Addictions forgiveness bitterness fear greed Control / curses/inner vows
Wounding of the body (un-forgiveness toward oneself or others about the incident) False or ungodly beliefs Soul ties (could be related to sexual sins or unhealthy relationships) Wounding of the soul Wounding of the spirit


Adapted from “Healing” by Francis McNutt


[1] MacNutt.