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Deliverance Prayer Command

Thierry March 31, 2022

According to the scripture above Acts 16:18b; Paul prayed a prayer of command addressing directly the demonic spirit in the form of a firm command with authority found in the Name of Jesus.

  1. Prayer for deliverance or exorcism is directed to the oppressing demon and not the person.
  2. Prayer for deliverance is a command and not a petition (the Lord has given us all authority to trample demonic spirits on earth).
  3. A level of spiritual discernment or by the gift of discernment is needed in order to know the existence of an unclean spirit.

People need deliverance. Ideally, it’s best to do it in a private setting with a team of individuals, but if we follow Jesus’ example, He performed deliverance where there was a need on the spot. Especially, if there was a manifestation in public setting and the person is unreceptive or uncontrollable.