Catalyst and Equipper of the “Bride that made herself ready.”  A Pioneer and Overcomer, Warrior and Witness to the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.  Your brother and saint and companion in the tribulation and kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ.  Servant, friend, son of God; A prophet, priest and king.  A revealer of mysteries in the knowledge of Christ. An author and soon to be a published author…

A Husband to the most beautiful and smartest wife in the world Janette. Father to the most inteligent son. A friend to many.  No room for enemys any days of the week.

What others have to say about Thierry:




Les Teel

“My name is Les Teel and I planted and pastored the Vine church in Troy, Alabama in the late 1990’s through 2009. Thierry joined my church in the latter 2000’s and we quickly became personal friends and ministry partners ever since.

I love Thierry he is one of my cherished spiritual sons in the Lord. We’ve shared many of the deep unto deep things of the Spirit with one another. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch him mature into the man of God that he is today. As iron sharpens iron, so Thierry sharpens those around him to become all they can be for the glory of God to be manifested in them. Thierry carries the love, the joy and the fear of the Lord and imparts that grace to others. He is always hungering, thirsting, seeking and chasing after the word, the will, the ways, the heart and the face of God. He is a passionate, wise, revelatory God chaser who chases after becoming all he can become for the glory of the Lord to be manifest in him. He desires to be transformed daily by the grace and glory of God and to be conformed into the image of Jesus Christ. He carries a great sense of God’s destiny and purpose upon his life and encourages others to mature into the I believe he is on a course to mature into the sons of God that creation is longing to see revealed. And he has dedicated himself to help, to train up, equip, and send out others into the ministry of Jesus Christ so that he might fulfill his part, run his race with excellence and help others attain their place and destiny in the Kingdom of God.

It is a pleasure to call him my friend.



Danny Steyne (Andover, CT)

“Thierry Nakoa is a spiritual son who I have a great deal of respect for. His heart for Jesus is ongoing, diligent, passionate and faithful! I have known him for a number of years since he began coming to our MOW Conferences in South Carolina. He currently lives in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, where he actively equips others in Kingdom reality as he lives it out himself with his wife Janette and their son.”
(Retrieved from Elijah List’s publication Intro from Danny Steyne on: “The Lion Has Roared! It’s Time to Fulfill God’s Dream!”

[Thierry Nakoa and his family now lives in Connecticut, USA.]


Inez Nance (Atlanta,USA)

“Thierry Is One Of The Most Gifted, Anointed, Authentic, Warm Hearted, Articulate, Hard-Working, And God-Fearing Individual That I’ve Ever Met…Also With The Gifts Of Being Both A Catalyst And An Equipper, You’ll Be Propelled Into Your Destiny…”




Jo Jolly (Australia)

“Thierry has been a source of encouragement and stretching in my spiritual life. He is also a friend, tho we have yet to
physically meet.
His insight and enthusiasm to reveal and teach those of us in the School of the Holy Spirit is infectious and greatly valued by those who commune and partake.”



Colyn James (South Africa)

“Thierry is a gift to The Body of Christ.
Within minutes of meeting him, it will be clear to see, but also experience his love for God and his sensitivity to Holy Spirit.
I have personally been pushed into greater revelation of The Father’s heart whenever I have the privilege to just call him and speak to him.”



Patricia Martin (UK)

“The gift of God in the life of Thierry is very unique, his style of ministry demonstrates a personal strength of character which manifests in his strong desire to see Jesus introduced to the world. Thierry has a high level of integrity and can be trusted personally as a counsellor and professionally in business matters. As a son of God he will always edify, comfort and exhort those he ministers to regardless of status.”


Natasha Barnes (AL)

“A voice crying in the wilderness… as a Catalyst… Thierry has been that person who brought about transformation in my walk with Father God.

There are no words to express how God and Holy Spirit has used this gentleman to ignite a churning fire in my belly for the things of God.

Like Paul, Thierry’s letters, teachings, and activations have served to bring many to deeper revelation of the word of God, Holy Spirit, and the supernatural.”


Doris Bailey (TX)

“I Thank God for Thierry Nakoa. He is amazingly attuned to, sanctified by, dedicated to, and anointed in his consecrated relationship with God. In a moment he will drop God’s rope; to put you out of a hole you didn’t know you were in. You will climb out ablaze with the fire of God to do your purpose in greater and more expanded ways. God has gifted, empowered, and graced Thierry with Jesus in ways that pull His body together into their destiny. He is a true blessing.”